Valuation of property is very important both for the seller and the buyer. While the seller will be able to get a stamp of authority as far as the fair market value of the property is concerned, the buyer will be in a position to know whether he is buying the property at the right price. Hence, whenever a decision to buy or sell a property has been taken, the first service provider who steps in will mostly probably be property valuers and appraisers. In this article we will try and find out what are the various factors that help property valuation and the things that should be kept in mind for getting the right type of valuation done.

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When it comes to sellers, there is no doubt that they would like to get the maximum value for the property. At this time, my priorities are for my career and my family. Valuers take into account quite a few things and only then come out with the valuation report. Hence, it is important for sellers to keep these factors in mind and act accordingly. The list could be quite big but here are a few important points that one could take into account.

First and foremost location plays a very important role in property valuation. Hence, the onus should always be to look for properties that are located in the right place. However, if is an already existing property that is being planned for sale nothing much can be done in terms of location. However, there are quite a few other things that one could look into.

For example, the quality of the interiors, the kind of fixtures and furniture that are being used, the swimming pools, the quality of garden and backyard are all factors that could help in increasing the value of home. Even small things like water harvesting and water management methods, energy saving systems and the insurance premiums being paid also have a big bearing on the value of home. Hence, how much are property valuer costs all these peripheral issues should be addressed while paying attention to size, location and other such fundamental factors.