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Valuation of property is very important both for the seller and the buyer. While the seller will be able to get a stamp of Valuations VIC authority as far as the fair market value of the property is concerned, the buyer will be in a position to know whether he is buying the property at the right price. Hence, whenever a decision to buy or sell a property has been taken, the first service provider who steps in will mostly probably be property valuers and appraisers. In this article we will try and find out what are the various factors that help property valuation and the things that should be kept in mind for getting the right type of valuation done.

Cons so youreally need to go to go to your advisorscheck out your plan see what the otheralternatives are and see if there'ssomething better anyway we're going tocome back with more tips after the breakwelcome back to Empire builders todaywe're joined by nathan birch from bmvwe're finding out the secrets of how tobuild a thirty or thirty plus milliondollar portfolio by the time you're or hopefully.

When it comes to sellers, there is no doubt that they would like to get the maximum value for the property. At this time, my priorities are for my career and my family. Valuers take into account quite a few things and only then come out with the valuation report. Hence, it is important for sellers to keep these factors in mind and act accordingly. The list could be quite big but here are a few important points that one could take into account.

Property Valuatioin Building strategies on Valuations NSW behalf ofinvestors and he sees a lot of rearviewmirror looks at people's portfolios soyou can see that what they've done I'mon the ground buying for clients eachand every day so there you go there's afew things that we've seen over andabove the basics of massage or more makesure you get your fight your duckslineup and all those sorts of ones thateveryone's seen and enough of now butthere's a we thought we'd draw down abit further and see if we can doneinsightfully share some of the mistakesthat we actually see so folks beenmentioned he's going to do a video so ifyou stop by the property couch combo youin the next couple of weeks that will beuploaded there for you we also as a teamit's got my name on the cover but we asa team here and empower we built a storecover story around the money magazine onhow to create a fifty-five thousanddollar passive income it's a great roomeveryone so download that wellexclusively for body couch listeners beexclusive exclusively beautiful we'regoing to put it on the property couchcalm don't owe you so that.

First and foremost location plays a very important role in property valuation. Hence, the onus should always be to look for properties that are located in the right place. However, if is an already existing property that is being planned for sale nothing much can be done in terms of location. However, there are quite a few other things that one could look into.

Valuation week we mentioned you were on awebinar with Perth Property Valuers whois his strategies that we know we've gotthat on the property couch so you can goand check that out also of course i'malways say enjoying the conversationwe're on facebook or twitter or anInstagram we'd love to hear from you letus know and of course you might havenoticed been we snuck a little inbetween a site in last week we did we'reobviously trying to get the knowledgeout there for more and more people andwe do that by reaching out to you andsaying if you love what you're here votefor us on the current Readers ChoiceAwards at your investment propertymagazine and because the morecredentials we potentially have the morepeople get to listen to us and andthat's really important so if you go toFacebook Like us on Facebook you'll getall the details for that you can see iton our website and if you if you'reinterested in doing that just rewind oneepisode of the little sis can i ask youa favor i have a little listen tolearning goes for about four and a halfminutes and we certainly appreciate youup for that so that i can use that closei'm thirty first of august Billy firstof all the sky news on my desk right soif you want home buyers.

For example, the quality of the interiors, the kind of fixtures and furniture that are being used, the swimming pools, the quality of garden and backyard are all factors that could help in increasing the value of home. Even small things like water harvesting and water management methods, energy saving systems and the insurance premiums being paid also have a big bearing on the value of home. Hence, how much are property valuer costs all these peripheral issues should be addressed while paying attention to size, location and other such fundamental factors.

It yeahwell history is repeating so and justjust for the listeners who are in Sydneyand you know the fact that we're inmobile and this is not a Melbourneversus Sydney conversation because we weacknowledge that Sydney's done reallywell but Ben's quite right I therewas a significant burner in Sydney andthen there was a period of flat ortracking sideways in some parts it wasgoing backwards particularly back insort of Oh so the challenge is in myview is to try and be a borderlessinvestor because if you've actually donereally well in sydney in the last sortof months it's it's a good timeto actually pull some equity out of thatmarket and look for other markets so ifyou look back in history been and you'reright I it's quite flat and thenfrom sort of do I so it wasquite great yeah that's right so it'squite good but then after that from it was very flat forming in a lot ofcases attract backwards or anunderperform pretty much the Australiancombined capital combined capitals for agood maybe seven or eight years mmm yeahso so the lesson.

It's going to be worthsix hundred thousand dollars and I lookif you can just online house valuations give me a minute to youknow have another yarn I was in theSydney market in so if anyoneknows their property history and theirproperty cycles this was the biggestcycle that the Sydney market had seenfor a good years and it was like thatevery week ended felt like propertyprices were going up five to tenthousand dollars I weekend then thatdidn't seem like much but the pricepoint at that time was around the sortof to thousand dollar median soum you know I knew that it was it wasstill there was still a lot to go inthat particular cycle but at some pointthey're probably prices grew by aroundforty percent now I was fortunate to getinto that market I got in early and Ibought a property in Alexandria I paidthree hundred ninety-five thousanddollars for that property and then overthe course of the next two or threeyears it actually went to around thatsort of thousand dollar mark andand so that that felt really great butthen really between sort of Ihad that property valued in andthen I had it valued in etc etc andI was seeing that that property wasstagnating you know so I had a reallynice run I time the market well I knewwhat I was doing and you know but butreally there was a period of time therewas giving me steady to flatten growthand so sometimes you're thinking well isit still worth going up as you knowholding the asset of course it isbecause it's a blue-chip location fastforward to today and you know now it'llsell for a million dollars and then butit's the next cycle there so you knowthe message there is if we're going tobe telling our clients I'm sorrytelling anyone who's listening to buyyou do not buy the top of the site nowand and we're getting close.